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Jan Keller

Dr Rod Jaques

"I have referred professional and recreational athletes to Jan Keller over the last 2 years for strength and conditioning. He has provided an excellent level of professional input and liaised with me in all cases. I would strongly recommend Jan Keller's strength and conditioning skills."

Dr Rod Jaques FFSEM (UK) DSM DRCOG MRCGP FISM, Gloucestershire Sports Injury Clinic

Ross Langdon

"After the completion of the program, my fitness and benefits to my golf were astonishing. I would recommend Jan Keller to any individual, whether becoming a superior athlete or just keen to condition their body. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

Ross Langdon, England Golf professional

Simon Laurens

"Jan's programs, designed especially to my needs, have more than enabled me to get back on track, I feel better both mentally and physically. To come back from injury or illness is not easy, but Jan's enthusiasm and love of what he does is clear. I really feel that without his help it would be doubtful I would be heading to Hong Kong feeling as good as I do. "

Simon Laurens, Paralympic Dressage Rider

Rhydian Harker

"It is easy to acknowledge Jan's exceptional reputation and encyclopaedic ability to work with an array of individuals, from elite athlete to mother of two, with no discrimination or any less attention to detail. I feel privileged to work with Jan, I believe in what he stands for and hope he continues his success."

Rhydian Harker, BSc (HONS) Sports Therapy, MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Lorraine Ristic

"I have been training with Jan for several years now and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is seriously interested in improving their fitness levels in all aspects. His knowledge of physiology and anatomy is 1st class and he takes great care in adapting the exercises he uses to meet the needs of his clients' chosen sport - in my case tennis. He is an excellent strength and conditioning coach and as an avid tennis competitor who plays at national and international level, I couldn't be without him."

Lorraine Ristic, Captain of GB Ladies over 40'S Tennis Team

Nick Pontings

"I was referred to Jan by Rod Jacques - a consultant known to me from my time on the 1992 and 1996 GB Olympic teams as he was, and still is, part of the GB Olympic medical staff.  Jan was tasked with rehabilitating my neck, due to instability caused by two bulging discs, and my right knee following a surgical meniscus repair.  Each phase of the rehab’ was well considered and within a few months I was 100% fit and had retained my World Masters Badminton title. I continue to follow a maintenance program designed by Jan and would recommend him to any person whether from elite sport or simply for pain free everyday life."

Nick Pontings, Olympic Badminton player

Mike Coates

"I know Jan Keller on both a personal and professional level, having recently undertaken a strength and conditioning course with him, which has made a significant improvement to an old back problem, as well as improving my general strength and fitness level. I have also referred several clients of mine for his expert help. I have no reservation in recommending him to colleagues and patients alike and look forward to a continued professional relationship with him in the future."

Mike Coates. D.Pod.M. (Musculoskeletal Podiatrist)

William Draper

"Before visiting Jan Keller I had been experiencing severe lower back pains when playing cometitive Hockey. I had visited the doctor and was referred to a Sports Injury Consultant. After tests and MRI scans it was discovered I had a stress fracture of the spine! I got in touch with Jan and followed a Rehabilitation Course mainly looking at core stabilization and weight training exercises. After a progressive three month period I have been able to get back into playing Hockey also undertaking more strenuous events such as Tough Guy.I have just completed the 23rd Tough Guy event 2009 this last weekend and and am totally pain free in may back. I am sure this would not have been possible without the expertise and support of Jan Keller."

William Draper

Eleanor Millington

"Having suffered with some sporadic pains in my legs while running I was diagnosed with a dehydrated disc in my back. I thought this was the end of my triathlon career, but was advised that this wasn’t necessarily the case provided that I strengthened my Core significantly (and I thought I did quite a bit of Core work!) – I needed advice so I went to see Jan who assessed my posture / strengths / weaknesses etc. and devised a 3 month programme to get everything aligned and my core strong. After that I got back to running with no problems and have continued to work with Jan on strengthening my body and getting quicker on the bike – 18 months later and I’ve raced at the World Age Group championships, and entered an Ironman in 2014! "

Eleanor Millington, International level Tri-athlete

Janet Smithson

"I enjoy the variety and challenge of my exercise programme.  When I started, I had hip pain which was keeping me awake at night and stopping me playing tennis.  Jan is a great motivator, his approach is thorough and structured. Training with Jan has changed my attitude to fitness and exercise.  I am now pain free, strong, focused and playing tennis again.  I would strongly recommend Jan Keller's posture correction programme- it has been life changing. "

Janet Smithson, Business woman

Deri James

"Health is of paramount importance to me - in 2007 I set out on my 'Global Adventurer Grand Slam': the seven summits, Marathon of the sands and the North and South pole. Already I have three of these under my belt, plus an Olympic distance Triathlon. Whether it's in business or my personal life, I always seek out the best coaches and mentors. So I just had to choose Jan's Posture Correction training. Now I have a solid base to work towards these goals. Thanks Jan"

Deri James, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Tim Bradshaw

"I have been working with Jan Keller for the past 6 months and have seen an improvement in many aspects of my game. I am fitter, more flexible and stronger overall than ever before."

Tim Bradshaw, Professional Tennis player

James Richardson

"This posture correction program is amazing! Because the sessions are challenging and fun I regularly make two-hour round trips to train with Jan. The results are fantastic - even compared to my time in Olympic-distance Triathlon, I can honestly say that I'm in better shape now than I've ever been with less time in the gym. My physique and posture are better than ever and I love going to the gym!"

James Richardson, Triathlete

Alex Pilbeam

"I play rugby at club and schools level. Jan has developed my flexibility greatly, along with my muscular strength and core stability....improved my match fitness and performance in the game... received good nutrition advice helping me gain muscle mass for rugby."

Alex Pilbeam

Jason Russell

"I regularly make a two-hour round trip to train with Jan and am really glad to have found out about his program. I am sure that the niggling pains which encouraged me to see him are a thing of the past and that I can now be much more active without having the worry about them becoming more serious. Thanks Jan."

Jason Russell

Matthew Siddle

"I play badminton regularly, being ranked in the top 30 nationwide at u17. When I damaged my shoulder, and was forced to pull out of a tournament, my osteopath referred me to Jan Keller. He worked with me on all sorts of exercises to increase overall strength and flexibility. This involved rehab for my shoulder, and the overall fitness helped improve my speed around the court, in turn making me a better player. I have come out of the program a lot better, and am back playing full time."

Matthew Siddle

Matthew Siddle

"I have worked with Jan for 12 months now and would say it is the single most important aspect of my training, without it there would be no platform on which to train effectively with less risk of injury. I only wish I had access to Jan during my Olympic career, unfortunately he was not even born then!"

Graham Brookhouse, Olympic Bronze medalist

"Some years ago after a clumsy epidural I had problems with my gait and balance.....I did not have access to gym so Jan made a programme for me with the minimum accessories I am now walking in a much steadier fashion and my gait has improved."

Jude Kaye

"Jan was recommended to me by my osteopath. Like many other people, years of work had left me with lower back and hip pain caused by poor posture. Jan established my weaknesses and produced a tailor made 16 week postural correction training programme to put me right. The combination of specific exercises and stretches I undertook, under Jan's extremely competent and clear direction, produced dramatic results. Throughout the programme I could feel my posture, flexibility and strength continually improving as my imbalances were corrected. 6 months on - no nagging hip or back pain and no visits to the osteopaths. An additional plus for me is that I'm a keen cyclist and the core strength exercises in particular have really improved my performance. Thank you Jan."

Martyn Whatmore, Ambulance Service.

"Since I started working with Jan about a year ago, I found his professionalism, enthusiasm and all-round knowledge of sports conditioning to be second to none. We have already noticed a huge improvement in the movement and fitness levels of the players and I'm sure, with continuity of their training regime, they will only get better. I would sincerely recommend any athlete or novice who wants to improve their physical abilities to use Jan, as their one to one trainer. He is confident, motivating and has great practical ability at what he does."

Colin Bennet, Head Coach National Performance Tennis

"I have been training with Jan for about 4 months now and in that short period of time, I feel strong, fit and confident in my movement and ready for any challenge that lies ahead. I have trained with the top trainers in the USA but training with Jan is different; he is extremely knowledgeable about what he does and always makes sure I reach the targets he sets me. His approach to my training on an individual basis is superb; he writes me my own individualised programme and concentrates on my fitness separately, that way I get the best of both worlds. Jan is a great trainer and someone who I would strongly recommend to another fellow professional."

Chris Harfield, Professional Tennis Player

"I started training with Jan back in April 2003. My main objective was to increase my speed off the mark, power and agility. After training with Jan for just a short while, we conducted light plyometric sessions, which I haven’t really practiced before. At first I found the sessions hard and difficult to master. Now 4 months on, I feel I am in the best shape of my life and ready for any future challenge."

Nic Cooper, Manly Rugby 1 st Team Hooker

"I found Jan to be a great motivator, very knowledgeable and easy to get on with. The sessions that he conducted with me were hard but fun to take part in. Because of my back injury, I was very wary of conducting any kind of physical exercise programme. Jan ensured me that I wouldn’t be doing anything that would aggravate my injury, only help the situation. I had full trust in Jan from the beginning and now, 16 weeks later, I am able to take part in activities that I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I would strongly recommend anyone to train with Jan."

Lisa Proctor, Secretary

"From a physical point of view, Jan really does know his stuff. I have trained with top coaches all my life but have never been given the information regarding posture and body alignment. Jan conducted an assessment, then designed me my own personal training programme, correcting all my imbalances and strengthening my muscular weaknesses as we went along. By doing that, I feel great, strong, flexible and fit. My Athletics has improved dramatically and my overall physical capabilities have doubled. Jan is great; he is fun, chatty and makes the exercises enjoyable. Train with Jan, it will be worth it."

Sam Cooke, Athlete

"I first started training with Jan after seeing some horrific holiday photos, I was totally unfit, overweight and heading towards a size 14. After about six months, without dieting (I am a self-confessed chocoholic and foodie) I had dropped to a size 10. I am not a naturally sporty person, but Jan helps me to stay motivated."

Charlotte Morris, Dermatology Clinic Manager

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