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Prehab / Rehab

Jan Keller

Whether it's started or not, kill the Pain NOW

"Prevention is better than cure – if you're not injured, save yourself the misery later. If you already are, accelerate your recovery. One key concept is common to both goals..."

Whether you're nursing an injury or have the foresight to avoid one, the Posture Correction program can keep injuries at bay – read on now to find out why my schedule is full of clients referred to me by chiropractors, osteopaths and even surgeons...

I've been working with sportsmen and women from many different fields for years, as well as clients who have had the misfortune to incur injuries in everyday life and work. Many years of experience and training have yielded effective, proven results treating:

Sporting injuries - knee, elbow, shoulder and back pain: getting you back in the game with confidence.

Workplace injuries and other accidents – deskbound, physical jobs, awkward positions, long driving hours, personal accidents: Relieving pain, making work comfortable again, getting your life back.

Kyphosis (hunch back) Lordosis (sway back) Scoliosis (lateral curvature), Sciatica: All resolved, letting you lead a healthy, active life again.

Very often a 'sudden' injury is the result of years of gradual decline, an accumulation of problems until the 'final straw.' Pain relief can come at the hands of a number of practitioners and these manipulations are often effective in treating the symptom, or pain.

However, in order to avoid or prevent an injury, we should address the underlying cause.

Personally tailored, step-by-step programs have enabled me to consistently achieve the following results with the general public and international standard athletes alike:

Pain relief - getting you back to work and play

Increased joint mobility

Accelerated recovery and injury prevention - allowing you to get back to enjoying your chosen activities with confidence and improved performance

Greater flexibility

Strength gains

Muscle conditioning

I have clients actually see me on a weekly basis just for the core stretching program available free on this site! These core stretches alone are sometimes enough to relieve pain and give clients a new lease of life, or to loosen up clients who are heading for injury.

"It won't work for me. It won't make that much difference. What's the big deal?"

Years of study (which continue to this day), followed by numerous years of experience with hundreds of clients speak for themselves. I've worked with them all - from amateurs to professional international athletes, deskbound workers to gym enthusiasts, sufferers of 101 different aches and pains, to referrals from professionals such as osteopaths and chiropractors to leading surgeons. This program delivers, effectively and consistently.

Before: "years of work had left me with lower back and hip pain caused by poor posture"

After: "dramatic results…….no nagging hip or back pain and no visits to the osteopaths"

Martin Whatmore, Ambulance Service

Clients have travelled from across the UK for Posture Correction Training with me in person at my gym in Cheltenham, England. Some have seen the country's leading consultants in Harley Street, many have tried many alternatives and found no relief from their symptoms.

What is the alternative if you sustain an injury or ignore the warning signs?

  • Diminished mobility or sporting ability?
  • Supports?
  • Braces?
  • Supplements / muscle balms / pain killers?
  • Battling through the pain?
  • Early or forced retirement from your sport?
  • Loss of earnings as a professional athlete?

Don't let it get this far – this program can prevent injuries before they occur or correct the underlying cause while you seek relief for the symptoms.

If you've read this far, chances are you're ready to learn more. And you should know that if you do decide to go ahead with the program, you have a cast-iron, one-month guarantee that if the program is not for you, then you will receive a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked.

The preliminary program takes place over four months, with three different training sessions each week and a whole new routine every month. Many clients see results within the first few sessions and by the time the program is complete, a majority of clients choose to continue to train with me.

You can now access the program online for only £250. This is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee and includes:

  • An in-depth online posture assessment, completed by photo / video analysis
  • A full, in-depth written report of your assessment results
  • Thorough analysis of any injury or complaints
  • Two 15 minute Skype consultations with me per month
  • Four months of personally-tailored, specific posture-correction exercise programs
  • Continual Email support
  • Written exercise guidelines with photos
  • Video demos with full audio explanation for viewing online, at your PC or on mobile devices
  • Quick reference photos of all the exercises in your program
  • Downloadable demonstration video exercises with audio commentary
  • Option for on-going training, maintenance programs and sport-specific training
  • Program for home or gym
  • Free E-books, access to bespoke Nutrition program, Nutrition reports and video series

By completing this program many members of the public have regained their health, accelerated recovery and avoided injury. For the professional athletes, their career and income have been saved. Time and again this system has produced dramatic results for all my clients.

Whether you're here for prevention or cure, I look forward to creating your own individual program and accelerating your progress.

Try the keller posture programme, including access to video workouts for 14 days free of charge.