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Jan Keller

Soar to new levels of Health and Fitness...

"The often-neglected secret to superior health and fitness that will improve your breathing, relieve muscular stress, prevent injury, add a new dimension to your sport.....and more!"

Whether you're just getting started improving your health and fitness or an elite athlete looking for an edge, there's one key part of a rounded health program that's often forgotten.

Diet and exercise are obvious to anyone - eat well and stay fit, right? True, but how many people take the time to look after their physical structure to support these? You can eat the healthiest food in the world and be really fit, but if you're doubled up when you eat and out of alignment when you're exercising then you won't truly reap the benefits of either - and are probably courting poor digestion and injury!

Think about this - when you correct your posture it provides a solid foundation for everything you do and provides many more benefits as well:

Breathing is deeper, increasing oxygen flow and energy!

Internal organs have space to function properly

Your nerves are free rather than being pinched by tight muscles

You look better and feel better – confidence and mood improve

When you look good and feel good – people notice! Your interactions improve.

You have more energy for what is important to you - every area of your life benefits

...and there are more benefits besides. It's obvious when you think about it, isn't it? Your posture has a huge effect on your mood, your energy and letting your body function effectively.

It's so obvious and so important, yet few people will do it - and with that comes shallow breathing, low moods and energy, inhibited nerve and organ function, the risk of injury and even physical pain. And everything else suffers because of it - social life, relationships, work.... What good can you be to your family, job, partner, business or friends if your health suffers? And how much more can you bring to them when you're healthy, positive and energetic? When your energy is high, you think, look and act differently.

"I always seek out the best coaches and mentors. So I just had to choose Jan's Posture Correction training. Now I have a solid base to work towards these goals."

Deri James, Entrepreneur (embarking on Seven summits, Marathon of the Sands).

Your quality of life is so much better when you take of your health. Realising all these benefits is a consistent result of improving your wellbeing. Just as health is fundamental, so to does your health program need a solid foundation. From there you can go anywhere!

"I already exercise. I have a program. I keep fit. What's the big deal? "

Years of study (which continue to this day), followed by seven years of experience with hundreds of clients speak for themselves. I've worked with them all - from amateurs to professional international athletes, deskbound workers to gym enthusiasts, sufferers of 101 different aches and pains, to referrals from professionals such as osteopaths and chiropractors to leading surgeons. This program delivers, effectively and consistently.

Why do you do the exercise you do? Maybe because you enjoy a particular activity, but is there rhyme and reason to your program? If not, you will be creating postural imbalances that are storing up problems for the future. Expert guidance will get more from your exercise program and postural alignment will help keep you injury free.

With your personally-tailored program and downloadable videos and images it's the next best thing to having a trainer right there with you.

This straightforward program is aimed at correcting your postural imbalances, enhancing strength deficiencies and aligning the major joints of the body, making you stronger, aligned and co-ordinated. This goes beyond simply increasing core strength with generic 'one size fits all' exercises to provide an individually-tailored program based on your lifestyle, any injuries and your personal strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations. From here you determine the direction and how far you want to go!

More and more people are starting to realise the benefits of this program and every day my schedule is filled with referrals from professionals ranging from sports therapists to osteopaths, chiropractors and one of the UK's leading surgeons. I'm booked solid for weeks in advance even though the majority of the program is followed by clients in their own gym or home!

My clients travel from across the UK to train with me at my gym in Cheltenham, England. Some even see me on a regular basis solely for the core stretching program - which on its own has provided great relief to some clients - and is available free on this site!

"I feel strong, fit and confident in my movement and ready for any challenge that lies ahead."

Chris Harfield, Professional Tennis player

If you've read this far, chances are you're ready to learn more. And you should know that if you do decide to go ahead with the program, you have a cast-iron, one-month guarantee that if the program is not for you, then you will receive a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked.

Try the keller posture programme, including access to video workouts for 14 days free of charge.